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#TranslateBIG: How Notorious B.I.G.’s Favorite Breakfast Fed Close to 100 Brooklyn Residents

Source: Stashed Media

It was all a dream…and most times, that’s all it takes for an idea to come to life. On Thursday, March 10, a small team at Translation and STASHED hosted a BIG breakfast in honor of the late Notorious B.I.G. Taking the menu right out of the rapper’s own lyrics (“Big Poppa”), the event served T-Bone Steak, Cheese Eggs, and Welch’s Grape.

“The purpose of the event was to celebrate the life of the greatest rapper of all time in a way he would be proud of,” John Petty, III, Sr. Social Strategist at Translation, told STASHED via e-mail. “We thought if we could pull it off we could shake some things up and get people talking about BIG in a more compelling way than the RIP Instagram posts we see every year. I think the goal was to give back to the community, and what happened was, we turned a trending topic into a day of service.”

#TranslateBIG started out small. It was originally supposed to be a company breakfast, but turned into a charitable event in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant area.”I’m all too familiar with what it means to live in a neighborhood like Bed-Stuy and to grow up the way its members are growing up,” Petty reflected. He continued, “I watched a young mother come in with her four children and leave with a meal for everyone. She was [smiling] ear to ear and extremely thankful as she walked [out].”

The event was put together in less than a day. “To get it done in less than 24 hours was an act of GOD and phenomenal teamwork. I couldn’t ask for a stronger team. Watching people roll up their sleeves and get sh*t done for a greater good is what I really come to work for every day,” he said.

Translation and STASHED were able to connect with Bedford-Stuyvesant Campaign Against Hunger, an organization “providing the basic staples of a well-balanced diet to more than 30,000 unduplicated, low-income individuals each month.” They opened their doors, allowed STASHED to use their kitchen area, and helped provide a service to all the individuals who showed up—Kevin Kite Man included.

This breakfast was the start of something BIG. Earlier this week, an announcement was made about a fundraising campaign that’s now live. All proceeds raised will go to Bedford-Stuyvesant Campaign Against Hunger. Donate on CrowdRise now.

Special thanks to Chelsea Vernon, Yaya M., Judnikki Mayard, Chaucer Barnes, Shon Mogharabi, Jen Turner, Joel Rodriguez, Katherine Pichardo, BSCAH, Karl Lunsford, Danielle Howe, Julius Stukes, Kamaly Pierre, Kaitlin Stevens, Dinelle Henley, Lakiesha Herman, Jim Saxa, Felix Santos, Kiri Jewell Cubela, Robert Davis, Victoria White-Mason, Adia Imara, Taylor Hynes, Dylan Simel, Danitha Jones, and everyone else who participated.

Photo Credit: Kamaly