Green Teens

Green Teens

Every summer, TCAH hires a cohort of young adults (ages 14 to 22) to participate in a 12 month paid Green Teens internship program. Green Teens begin their internship in June with a rigorous two-week training program, during which they are prepared to perform fieldwork, run weekly farm stands, lead volunteer groups, and conduct community outreach. The training also covers plant biology, proper tool usage, community agreements, customer service, sales, and our protocols for attendance and work ethic.


Throughout the program, the Green Teens work together at the Saratoga and Far Rock Urban Agro-Ecological Centers to grow over 100 varieties of certified all natural fruits, vegetables, and flowers; distribute roughly 20,000 pounds of produce to the community. As they grow, the Green Teens take on leadership roles that prepare them to become the next generation of leaders and help them develop important workstream management, teamwork, and communication skills applicable to a number of industries. For example, our Green Teens often receive mentoring and support to become certified to prepare tax returns to work as paid assistants in the free tax prep service we offer. Green Teens may also work as a sous chef in one of our many nutrition education courses or cooking demonstrations. Lastly, we encourage all Green Teens to attend food justice workshops or events to bring their personal passion for farming, food justice, and improved nutrition back to their own communities.


At the end of the summer, Green Teens are required to complete a capstone project to demonstrate key learnings from their internship experience. In the fall, the students remain as part-time instructors in one of our community or intergenerational learning programs.


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